Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Try 'Til I Die...

Dec of last year… well it's only January of 2008 so just a month ago I decided to really look fit and in shape I want to feel healthy as you know it’s not easy to be fat and all. So I was thinking what strategy I will use to be in shape again (well round is also a shape right). I was thinking to go back to Don Don’s Hardcore Gym, which smells like rusted iron, dried sweat and fried fish, like what I always say it smells like sunshine and ka-boom bread. (Amoy araw at amoy putok). Well even though that gym is somewhat bad I always got believe in Don Don’s program, hey he made me physically fit a couple of years ago and it only cost Php500.00 a month… that is good but going back there again will just ruin my motivation and I need a pretty good motivation and for a new start of being fit… again. Hehehe! Then I was thinking of going back to kick boxing , Muay Thai in Pasig or Yaw Yan in Makati but thinking about my work it will be a big hassle to my schedule since I can only go there in the afternoon well my boss requested me to be on mid-shift which is 14:00 to 23:00. So I cross that out. I was going home and I saw this gym called eclipse and their catch phrase is “we’re open 24 hours” this is cool since I can go there after work but my only doubt is this will definitely a sissy gym and full of pretentious fucked up perverted gay. Well what the heck I went in to inquire about it. Well whuddya know, all posters are about brazilian jiu jitsu, Fight Club of the Philippines, American Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and so on… when I enter the gym its like the door of heaven opens up for me with all the angels of fitness were singing halleluiahs for me. Ok the gym looks tight, the equipments are all new and it doesn’t smell like ka-boom bread and sunshine. There are no screaming gorillas that are juiced up with steroids just like in Don Dons Gym, No pretentious gays around well there are only few peeps working out. What’s good is that they have tremendous number of cardio equipments, Its really like heaven for gym goers. When I was touring the gym the instructor haven’t discussed the price, he was discussing what’s good about their gym compared to other gyms all over the metro… hmm good selling tactics eh. I was thinking then if this could be a pricy gym since there are few peeps there. I’m anticipating it by that time that it will cost a real fortune but then again it cost fair enough thinking about the equipments and the place its really near to our home but then again I didn’t pay yet I told myself I have to be wise for paying that sum of money I need to make sure that their programs can change me to a Vin Diesel type of body in two days. Hehehe! The next day I got my things and went there, it was nice but they have a different program that I’m not used to its called EDT I researched on the Net and it was quite interesting with all the hype and testimonials of the people who used it. Ok first week was quite tiring since I’m used to isolation training. Well I could go over it for 8 weeks. I scaled and I weighted a friggin 228 lbs. Hey I was 170 a couple of years ago and knowing this is quite a upsetting for me but just like hips, scales don’t lie. 1st week… 2nd week training for 3 times a week and I’m on a diet as well… On the 3rd week I enrolled into Fight Club MMA of the Philippines and I’m so excited but after a couple of weeks I was injured I got bruises and scrapes on my body so I need to rest in which I did so I didn’t work out for a couple of weeks just cardio once but my diet was still on well in my perspective its still on. After a couple of work outs after my rest I weighted again and guess what?!!! I weighted 232lbs. I felt strong and confident that I lose a few pounds but then again I only lose 31 days for working out…. I’m thinking about quitting this working out but then again I told my self the battle with fat goes on. Well just for everyone to know… My long time goal is to be physically fit and become a supermodel for Calvin Klein and Guess and for the whole European and US designers to get to know me personally. My middle goal is to lose 30lbs until March of this year. My short term goal is to have at least 3 times a day weigh training program and 6 days of cardio workout, also to continue my diet. Hehehe! Well until my next blog! By the way I’m creating a new blog right now called the adventures of the fat guy traveller, I’m not finished with it but I will let you know soon! Thanks!

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