Sunday, February 10, 2008

Street Foods...

I really love to eat, well its kinda obvious with my body (It’s not a big gut or beer belly, it’s just a thick protective layer for my rock hard abs)… And its not the ordinary food that can be bought at the mall or supermarket nor the most expensive that you can only get in extra super duper fancy restaurants and 5 star hotels that one dinner will already cost half of my salary. If you will look at them its really appetizing and its like an art when they present you these foods but when it comes to serving size, its only good for 6 year old kid. So you would ask if I have a lot of complaints about these scrumptious, mouth-watering, tasty meals that are served with elegance what food I love then… No other than Street Foods!!! It’s delicious, more scrumptious, more appetizing than those foods they cook for you in a hotel. I live in Daang Bakal St., Baranggay Harapin ang Bukas, its a slum area in Mandaluyong and just a street after that is Jose Rizal University so just imagine how many stalls and karitons you can find in our place? It’s a street food paradise baby! There are a lot of choices there and the best part here is you won’t spend more than 50 Pesos to be full. Here are some of the foods that you can binge yourself with. Street Burgers, eat your heart our Burger MCDO and Jollibee YUMburger these burgers are really delectable, a freshly pan heated buns, fried burgers, mayo catsup and some veggies really tasteful price= 13Pesos add 5 pesos and you will get fried sunny side up egg on your burger. If you go to a mall and get a 12oz. of juice in a cup it will cost you at least 20Pesos in Daang Bakal, 16oz of pineapple juice or buko juice in a plastic with straw will cost you only 5Pesos. There are a lot of Tasty meals to choose from, kwek kwek, hotdog kwek kwek pritong pusit, pritong balat ng manok, pizza na 5 pesos per slice, pritong proven, barbeque ni aling chuling (isaw, bulaklak, bituka, IUD, tito, ulo ng manok, paa ng manok, hotdog, at syempre ang pork barbeque), pansit canton, bihon, malabon, ginataan. Siomai na 2.50 lang isa, yellow corn, manggang hilaw with bagoong, lugaw mami, pares, shanghai. Kanin ulam at marami pang iba… There is just food that I really don’t like there The so called original “Pares” also known as Kamto. There are a lot of karitons that you can find in Makati that serves this original pares. It’s a small slices of beef in thick soup. You will put roasted garlic, onion springs and minced siling labuyo… put some calamansi and soysauce yuuuummmmmoooooo! Sarap!!! You know the best thing they put on your pares???? Its Mata ng Baka.and Utak ng baka (ox eye and ox brain- this is what coños called them) they will tenderize to perfection then they will almost melt in your mouth and the taste is so heavenly… There is only one thing that I won’t really eat even if it will cure my neighbor from his dreadful sickness. That is soup number 5… Its main ingredient… freakin’ cow’s testicles. No really way I will taste that soup, They said that is aphrodisiac well I don’t give a damn I got a lot of libido in my body. Knowing that its balls and you will eat it? No way I ain’t eating anything that is made up of testicles of whatever species. Bottom line is its still testicles. We’ll that’s for my blog, after this I will for sure eat more street food! Ciao peeps Bon Appetit’

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