Friday, April 18, 2008

Yan mga Babae Talaga.... Haaay

I was reading a book and saw this... Its so freaking funny and all true!

Take a look at how they dress when they go out…to show off their sex appeal.
Take a look at the magazines they read…full of sex advice. When
girls go out they subconsciously want to meet the right guy and fuck his
brains out. They will never admit this if you ask. In their conscious mind
they say they just want to “dance”.

Girls are very horny! They are just cautious about who they have sex
with, again for evolutionary reasons. Her sex drive is high, but so is the
risk of being stuck with the wrong guy’s baby. Therefore, women save
themselves for men who demonstrate that they have the alpha male
qualities to provide her with strong offspring and protect her once they
have mated.

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