Monday, December 29, 2008

Journal of a Coño Elementary Student

Dear Diary,

I make salubong to this person, and you know what? That person is soooo panget and so eeewwweee… I just don’t like panget people talaga, they’re like so kadiri, and their face is so yuck talaga huh and the feeling of uugggghh. I really don’t make pansin to panget people, kasi their skin is like with scales ng fish just like they got maraming galis and all… I got this classmate na panget talaga huh… looks like basurero and magbobote you know those icky people living in the streets who makes wiwi and poo poo on the side walk. So my classmate is sooo over panget, I really don’t make pansin to that person. Yung damit nya its like bought in yucky divisoria, then yung, yung socks nya just like bacon, kulukulubot. I really don’t like pangets eh. I just don’t like them at all, they really upsets me and all. They are so panget na and they’re so mahirap pa, just like my panget classmate, he is just riding a tricycle going to our school and amoy talaga sya dirt and sardines. Its reallyyy eeewwweee talaga huh… The clothes that person is wearing is like color gray and looks mahirap talaga. Why do these pangets and mahiraps exists? Cant just they turn into dusts or something. Tapos you know what happen? My panget classmate just smiled at me during our lunch break… I just wanna die talaga…. Not just the mayaman smile, but the pangmahirap smile with all teeth are showing I doubt if that panget brushes them… And there was this time that this panget is staring at me, I got so scared cause his eyes are really panget and might get me so iccckkkyyyy panget din like contagious talaga. So we were about to go home na and im waiting for my driver, oh yeah its Wednesday so my driver brought the Mercedes SLR cause the BMW X6 is color coding kasi that time and guess what, I make salubong again with my panget classmate riding the pathetic tricycle, its so maingay and looks dirty talaga, and the driver of the tricycle is soooo ugly and panget din tas yung face nung driver parang frying pan ni yaya kasi puro oil talaga. Tas I went home na. Sana tomorrow I don’t get to see that panget. Ok Diary I got to say bye na to you huh… I’ll just write to you tomorrow.


pensucks said...

MAS PANGET AQNG UGALI MO!!!call it naivete but i have to say that looks doesnt matter after all its all the means and the value. kaya ikaw kung makapnlait ka kala mo uber ka sa kaguwapuhan. ewness ha, para kang isang baklitang yagit sa kanto.

Artiemous said...

this is supposed to be comical wag po natin masyado seryosohin. Thanks! ÜÜÜ although salamat sa pagbasa ng blog keep reading. Ü