Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reasons To Stay In A Bad Relationship

The logic is to leave a bad relationship. But somehow, a gajillion people stay in B-A-A-A-D relationships, for whatever reason they may have. They’re in so much pain, yet they keep coming back for more. I’m not judging here, it’s a fact. Well, here are some of their reasons. This is one of the best Top Tens EVER. The entries were all so good, I couldn’t choose which ones to include! I guess the best Top Tens are those where you guys send us stuff straight from the heart; when it comes from your own personal experiences. LOVED this one.

Reasons To Stay In A Bad Relationship

  1. No name - Because when I watch her sleeping, I can still see the girl I fell in love with, before it all went bad.
  2. - You stay because you found love, even if it’s not the love that you wanted.
  3. No name - It’s like I just don’t want to end it until the relationship dies a natural death.
  4. Jijipong - Because the sex is crazily good.
  5. Amber - I once heard this from a neighbor: “Wag mo na pakawalan yan, kasi baka wala ka nang ibang makita pa ulit!”
  6. Farrah - Because I don’t want to fight all the time with any other man except him.
  7. Purplerose - My friend’s reason: “Sayang naman yung 10 years.”
  8. Veronica sierra - As long as I can still bear the pain.
  9. Nico Loco - Because he is my best friend AND my business partner.
  10. Jigs - She swallows.
  11. Gorgeous Bitch - Because you’re too stubborn to admit that, once again, you failed.
  12. No name - A friend once said she stayed with her boyfriend even if he was cheating because she would rather be miserable with him, than be miserable without him.
  13. Twylyt - Pinasok ko, kaya paninindigan ko.
  14. Charlie - Some people simply think that love is SUPPOSED to hurt.
  15. JT - I have a friend. The guy is very babaero. And we ask her, kung bakit ayaw niya pang hiwalayan? She replied, “Kasi siya yung naka-una…”
  16. Marcus - When you’d be worse off if you quit than if you keep doing it.
  17. Purplerose - “Magbabago naman sya pag ikinasal na kami.”
  18. ACER -Because I accept the fact that I’m responsible for 50% of what makes it a bad relationship.
  19. Tiffany - Because he’s the best father my kid could ever have…even if he’s a lousy husband.
  20. Jijipong - Okay na rin at least I have her platinum credit card extension.
  21. No name - Kasi ayaw ko magpatalo sa asawa niya.
  22. Rael/JV/Spy Shadow/LanceLUST - It’s the free sex.
  23. Öta - Because zero sex is worse!
  24. Toni - Because there’s no guarantee that I’ll find better.
  25. Gorgeous Bitch - Because even if he makes you the most miserable person in the world, he is also the only one who makes you the happiest.
  26. Dyosa - Because I get to be dominant. He takes care of our house, children, laundry, etc. And I don’t get nagged when I come home late.
  27. Cookai - Because he loves me more than I love him.
  28. Argueliz - Because there are no bad relationships. Only people with unrealistic expectations.
  29. ALLE - So that there’ll be no thoughts of: “Maybe if I tried a little harder, it might have worked.”
  30. Karen of Cainta - Because I’m a coward.
  31. Abegail - Because he makes me feel loved, whenever he’s not hurting me.
  32. Espeks - Because I hate the idea of starting the whole process all over again.
  33. Vie/Luvh8s - I don’t want to have a broken family.
  34. Espeks - Because she’s always there when nobody else will.
  35. Coachdanny - Her dad is an alumnus of a top UAAP school and gets season tickets to Ateneo games (lower box) and he is a manager of one company that has a PBA team and he is given upper box season tickets. For a basketball fan that’s great.
  36. May 5264 - How do you say goodbye to someone who has NEVER deliberately hurt you, no matter how often he does it?
  37. Leitox - Because love has no boundaries.
  38. Angel of my Life - I’d stay in a bad relationship to hurt him more.
  39. Louise - A friend once told me that she’s staying in a bad relationship because he’s the best looking guy she’s ever been with. Sayang naman daw. If they have kids at least cute.
  40. Jaja - My mom just can’t end their more than 30 years of marriage kasi baka daw ikamatay pa ng dad ko & she’s not prepared to carry that in her conscience for the rest of her life.
  41. Mr. Perk - If you’ve accepted the fact that you’re simply just one of those people who were destined to be in a bad relationship.
  42. V55 - Kasi sa relationship namin, ako yung bad. Plus, she’s the first “shaved” woman I was ever with.
  43. Prince_Fireside - At least I won’t be alone on dates like Xmas, New Year & Valentines. Besides, I can always ditch the bad relationship if a better person comes along.
  44. Powerful Alice - Sadista siya, masokista ako…parang bagay na din.
  45. Chino - She’s too dependent on me, as if she can’t breath w/o me. Kawawa naman if I leave her.
  46. Mikimoto - Because it was I who screwed up the best I ever had.
  47. Bing - Because his dad has cancer. And I’m the only one he can count on to stand by his side through all this.
  48. Gorgeous Bitch - Because some are born lucky…and some aren’t.
  49. Cheyenne - Because you stand by the vows you made when you were married.
  50. Bennett - The worse the fight, the better the make up sex.
  51. Marie - If the amount of love you get still exceeds the amount of pain.
  52. Gorgeous Bitch - Because your stupid heart said so!

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- A n g e l - said...

Interesting! But you know what? It all boils down to not wanting to be alone, that's why you stay in bad or abusive relationships. Yeah you're miserable but at least you have someone with you to be miserable with. What a load of BS.