Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soulmate what?!

My wife and I were discussing a few weeks ago regarding soul mates and in reality I don’t actually believe it this theory. I believe that people make their own destiny and its based on their decisions and how they will work on it to happen.  I don’t believe that its destiny's fault why two person meet, unless the person's name that introduce them to each other is Destiny. (its beri beri dipikolt to inglish here, its bloody nose ebriwer!)  

My wife really believes in this shenanigan (i still don’t see any logical explanation for it) As much as I don’t believe in stars, signs and horoscopes... Ok she's my wife and I dearly love her so I won't argue, I’ll just respect her belief thus I need to have an open mind regarding this concept. I researched a bit  regarding 'soulmate' and its not difficult to find this topic on the net, but most of them are really girly stuff and the only thing that caught my attention about it is written by old philosophers. As I learned it was Aristophanes, a well-known comic satirist, who invented this concept or theory he said that before there were 3 sexes (ayos me bading na pala talaga dati pa nung panahon ni Zeus)  a man, a woman and an androgynous Primeval man, he said that Androgynous had four hands and four feet, one head with two faces, four ears, two privy members (genitals) and was round, with his back and sides forming a circle. 

The Androgynous beings were very strong, ambitious and proud. They tried to scale Mount Olympus and attacked the Gods. As punishment, Zeus split them into two to weaken them and increase their numbers so they would be more profitable for the gods, because more people would pay homage to them.

After the division, continued Aristophanes, the two parts of man, each desiring its other half, came together, throwing their arms about one another, longing to grow into one... Each of us when separated, having one side only like a flat fish, is always looking for its other half.  ( o hindi ba isang malaking kagaguhan yung concept noon pa man!? Ha!) 

According to one of the articles that I read,” Soulmate is your perfect partner, one whom you feel a deeper connection to than anyone else. You can also call it true love. Some people have different beliefs about a soulmate. Some people believe that a soulmate is a lover from a previous life. Others think that a soulmate is a piece of your soul that was placed within another person. That is why you spend your life looking for the other half. Whatever you happen to believe, a soulmate is more than just simple physical attraction. It goes deep and can make you more complete than any crush or infatuation.” 

So if that’s the case then it’s just a simple attraction between two people amplified by situation and preference. If it’s the case of liking the same thing, thinking the same thing, and doing almost the same thing, then in truthful I haven’t found that soulmate yet…. Liking what she likes and doing what she does, this would make me gay right?! Now if it’s the case of one person completing you and just simply can’t live without seeing her smile, hearing her talk, listening to her day to day activity over and over again without getting tired of it... Living with her without pretentions what so ever, and just laughing our asses off all the time…  If that person is the one that never gets tired of being with me and having a heluva of patience to my kasungitan and pagkakalat… If that person is the one that really makes me happy every single day…  Then even if I don’t believe in the concept of it I think I already got my soulmate and no one can take her away from me


Krishna - Riyadh said...

Boooooo! eh soulmates nga kayo eh

Ayie =) said...

Nice, nice. Kadadalaw ko lang uli dito sumakit na ang headache ko. Why so inglishing? I'm so difficult. Haits.

Seryusley, ang ganda. Nabitin pa ako sa pagbabasa.

"simple attraction between two people amplified by situation and preference"

Minsan nga walang 'in common' e. Basta parang ok ka lang pag kasama mo sya, parang payapa lang ang lahat pag andun sya. Tas parang hindi ka mapakali pag wala sya, kasi parang may kulang.

Whatever. Like you, I don't want to believe in soulmate. I don't want to limit my horizon and feel encapsulated--isa pa, everytime na lang ba na hindi magiging maganda ang relasyon sa isang tao meaning hindi na soulmate? deeva?!

I can't be the flat fish who keeps on searching for the missing back. =) Haba ng daldal ko. =D

WV: Chetorse (it's so me.)

rah said...

You are very fortunate to have found yours. Some people wait a life time. Some... don't find their's at all. :D

Artiemous said...

@zhari - hahaha! di ako naniniwala sa soulmates talaga eh. Si ann lang nagpapapaniwala dun! :D

@Ayie - salamat sa pagbabalik mo sa blog ko. Hirap magenglish di ba? sakit sa ulo! :D

@rah - tama ka dun! :D salamat sa pagdalaw sa blog

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Hindi ako makarelate dahil hindi ko pa nakikita ang 'soulmate' ko. :(

Artiemous said...

@gasul - wag kang magalala makikita mo rin yung para sayo, andyan lang yun sa tabi tabi naka tambay... inaantay ka lang :D

nieco_speaks said...

ayeeee.. cheers to that pre!

I too do not agree with soulmates. tama, we all hold our future. We determine who we will live with until our last breaths. :)

kuri said...

talagang nagresearch research kapa ha!

iya_khin said...

wow!! nice post..excuse me for my nose is bleeding...lels!

Artiemous said...

@nieco_speaks - tama! tayo ang nagdidikta sa kung ano ang mangyayari para sa atin. :D

@kuri - op cors, its beri hard to english so i need researching. :D

@iya_khin - hahaha its ok dont worry! :D

Michael said...

I checked the labels, 'cheesy' huh! LOL!

Anyway, sometimes it's OK to believe in something if it will inject positivity to our existence. If it will strengthen friendship, or marriage -- then let's believe that there are soulmates.

'If it’s the case of liking the same thing, thinking the same thing, and doing almost the same thing, then in truthful I haven’t found that soulmate yet…. Liking what she likes and doing what she does, this would make me gay right?!' - quite an argument here. And this is actually a valid point.


Artiemous said...

@myke - well just like what i told my wife, if believing in soulmates would make her happy and the relationship stronger, then i'll be glad to accept the theory. :D

glentot said...

Kahit hindi madaling mapaniwalaan, masarap naman pakinggan na may soulmate bawat tao so sige go na lang hahaha congrats to you on finding yours

Artiemous said...

@glentot - tama ka dun, kahit mahirap paniwalaan go lang ng go... hehehe! :D

stevevhan said...

wow soulmate......naku ah, pareho din tayung hindi naniniwala sa mga horoscopes at chuva ek ek. First time ko sa blog mu at based dun sa mga nabasa ko mukha hardness nga ang ingles mu and i like it! haha. :)

Ang mahalaga, natagpuan mu na ang soulmate mo!nu?

cseamush said...

hahaha, mas gusto ko yung mga tagalog entrees mo boss, anyway, soulmate or not, its how you spend life together that matters. add kita sa links ko ha?